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I am going to travel to Acre for a study on the plants and I will have access not so fast to the requests. Receive payments for the monthly payment up to 10 days to be sent, be sent, I beg for patience as it is in a forest and will only come back as instead.

With satisfaction we hereby notify you that we have just received a stock of fresh snuff from both of Acre, directly from tribes, as some foremen medical friends from other regions of Brazil.

Our new collection includes:
Nukini, Apurinã Manchinery, Cobra Coral, Murici and herbs, and Nissural Paricá

Ashes - Greys:
Cumaru; Murici and Tsunu

Also a new San Pedro has just arrived from Peru.

New seedlings Argyreia, morning glory and san pedro germinating.

We are working with payment by PagSeguro, transfer Bank of Brazil and paypal. Providing security and accessibility in the checkout.

Any question we are available on e-mail:


The website sometimes may be slow in some parts of checkout. In this case one option is to try with another browser, another is send us an e-mail that we completed promptly, quickly request. It's simple.

Antonio Henrique