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The new Indian Nissural snuff came. Raé with great strength and medicinal properties. In addition to this came the Tsunu Manchinery, also very good Acre snuff and healer.

Ashes for the manufacture of snuff we have:
Cumaru; Murici and Tsunu

In addition a new San Pedro has just arrived from Peru. Lots of strength and colors for our lives.

Arrived fresh blue lotus flower and powerful aphrodisiac.

We have ololiuqui and argiréia with LSA. A lot of connection with the Holy Virgin. Fixing and decalcifying the pineal gland for greater flow of energy in the brain bringing creativity, imagination among other mental abilities

New saplings of argyréia, and of san pedro germinating.

Live our sacred plants and bring them a lot of good things for us on the walk.

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