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We're back with everything my brothers! We're going to make updates on new plants. Let's go back to working with Iboga soon. Also, find a new manchineru snuff with a rare Amazonian plant. I'll send you news as soon as I can.

Any accuracy just send email to us. We are available without email: loja@universosagrado.com

Or by Whatzap: 15-9916-59199

My face is: https://www.facebook.com/antonio.h.spinoza

Our collection includes:
Nukini, Apurinã, Manchinery, Coral Snake, Huni kuin Murici and herbs, Nissural (Good to cure headache) and Yopo

Ashes for the production of snuff:
Cumaru; Murici and Tsunu

In addition, a new San Pedro has just received Peru. It's beautiful. Lots of strength and colors for our lives.

We have ololiuqui and argiréia with LSA. A lot of connection with the Holy Virgin. Clearing and decalcifying a pineal gland for greater flow of brainless energy bringing creativity, imagination among other mental abilities

New saplings of argyréia, and of san pedro germinating. Soon I will have peyote (seeds) to share, only for rare seed collectors.

I will share Kambo Palette for dictionaries that want a fresh medicine coming directly from the acre. Only for experienced teachers.

I will also open the possibility of people taking medicine in my sacred space. Like kambo, ayahuasca, argyréia, among other plants. To know more, send me an e-mail. Only for some cases will I open this door.

We will soon bring a collection of plants for weight loss.

My brethren remain in peace. Live a new era! Live our sacred plants and bring them a lot of good things for us on the walk.

Any subject is a provision without email:

The site instead of getting slow in some parts of the order ending. In this case, we will send an email that we finalize promptly, quickly the request. It's simple. Or not Whatzap.

Antonio Henrique de Spinoza (Reikipaneikitanaran)